Caviar Royal Baerii


Acipenser baerii bottarga, extracted with meticulous attention from sturgeons that have reached a maturity of over 7 years, is an unparalleled culinary delicacy. Every step of the manufacturing process is expertly executed to ensure an excellent product.

The eggs of this bottarga are characterized by a refined grain size, with a diameter of approximately 2.7 to 2.8 mm. Their regular shape and delicate texture add a touch of visual elegance and invite an extraordinary tasting experience.

The color palette of this bottarga is a true symphony of colours. The black and gray tones blend in a suggestive contrast, conveying a sense of mystery and refinement. Each pearl is a small culinary jewel, ready to capture the eyes and the palate with its timeless charm.

The scent emanating from this bottarga is an enchantment for the senses. A light spicy scent combines with delicate nutty notes, creating a harmonious synergy that delicately caresses the sense of smell and opens the appetite with grace.

The texture of this bottarga is simply divine. It melts gently in the mouth, releasing an explosion of intense and refined flavours. The taste sensations intertwine in a pleasant game, leaving a memorable trace of taste that invites another taste.

This Baerii caviar, processed with skill and attention, offers a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. Its buttery note envelops the palate in an embrace of pleasure, offering a moment of gastronomic ecstasy to be savored slowly and appreciated down to the last bite.

The Malossol salting method is the perfect link to enhance the natural goodness of this bottarga. The delicate salting allows the authentic flavors to emerge without being overwhelmed, giving a perfect balance and a lightness on the palate that defines true culinary luxury.

Acipenser baerii bottarga is much more than a simple ingredient, it is a work of culinary art that embraces tradition and excellence. Give yourself the pleasure of tasting this delight, enriching your dishes with the fascinating charm of a fine and unforgettable product. Experience the unique charm of Baerii caviar and make every special occasion an unforgettable culinary celebration.

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